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Kathryn Backhouse’s Personal Site :: If you head over to www.kathrynbackhouse.co.uk you will see one of my experiments with HTML – the project was forked from Github as The Personal page and it was relatively easy to do 🙂

I took one of our holiday snaps as the background and created a Japanese inspired logo for Kathryn. The above logo is Kathryn’s initials – KB – in a font that makes it look like Japanese caligraphy – I’m a fan!

We have owned the domain www.kathrynbackhouse.co.uk for a number of years and yet never fully capitalised on it. I figured that, as we already own the domain, I may as well throw up a splash screen that gives a bit of background about Kathryn. Thankfully she is quite keen on the site and it is up there to stay for the duration of whatever.

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