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Ian Moss, the award winning cinematographer, reached out after exhausting the full potential of his existing Squarespace site. I offered to build him a fresh WordPress build that would showcase his work.

We bounced ideas off each other for around four weeks before the site went live.

I am massively proud of Ian’s build. As with this portfolio, there is a quiet confidence in the way that the site presents itself – I had to create some custom code to get the portfolio on Ian’s site as 16:9 but apart from that it was a joy to work on.

Once again, me and the client have yet to meet in real life – all of our communication was done over telephone (as text or calls) or by email.

If you want to see Ian’s site, please head over to www.ian-moss-dop.com. In the meantime, I will embed some screen grabs of the site below.


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