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Houriat • The Lure Of The Sea

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I am fortunate enough to have a good friend called Stewart. By default I came in to contact with Karen, Stewart’s wife – she is ace!

She is part of a performing team of Middle Eastern Dancers (Belly Dancers) and they go by the name of Houriat – if you want to find out more about them and wish to be kept up to date of their work, please visit Houriat’s Facebook Page here.

The Houriat troupe are putting on a show as part of this year’s FEVA celebrations in Knaresborough. It was an honour to be approached by Karen to see if I could put together a flyer/poster for the event.

What do you make to it?

After bouncing a few ideas off Karen we settled on this design – the whole troupe seem to agree that it will do, so that is not bad going. The software used here was Photoshop and Sketch – a native Mac app that I am loving the workflow of.

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