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The Sarres – “Cosciente” Cover

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“Cosciente” translates as “Conscious” from Italian in to English.

This is the MP3 cover for an Italian Group who go by the names of The Sarres – they approached the group I am in to see about a remix. Guerrilla Dub System (the group I am in) are always happy to hear from other bands – so, we agreed. We have scheduled the remix to go out on CREAO Studio (our label) on the 28th July 2017.

With the title of the track being “Conscious” I wanted to break the imagery down to a basic level – in keeping with the pattern that Guerrilla Dub System’s & CREAO Studio’s album cover have been in the past. This produced a polygon visual of a human brain – not too squeamish, not too ‘blood n guts’ – more a cyber-brain than anything else.

I hope you like it.

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