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I Recommend Grammarly

So, I am trying a new app called Grammarly - It claims to be a "do-all" spell checker. But, most importantly, it also helps with Grammar - and as readers of my blog may know, my grammar is atrocious when I get enthused about a project; I get very carried away and...

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How To Create An HTML Signature For Apple Mail

Here is a quick method to achieve a great looking HTML Signature in Apple Mail. Apple Mail has let you make your special mark with an HTML-style email signature since OS X Lion. However, the process of setting up an HTML signature in Apple Mail has only gotten more...

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Personal Blog: Level Up

I have been procrastinating whilst Mrs. Backhouse is in bed - I have been busy spending some time getting my personal blog  sorted out ship shape and Bristol fashion. After all, it is far too hot to sleep - no, Kathryn is sleeping the sleep of the righteous and I am...

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Calling Card Redesign

I own the domain name - for that is I. It used to be an online HQ for all things arty that I did. However, I decided to stop trying to present myself as an artist and focus more on client led aspects of creativity - so, I put up a calling card...

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Why I Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are navigational aids placed on top of the body content of a web page. Their subtle presence allows visitors to quickly refer to the links that come with breadcrumbs to bail them back to the homepage, or parent category of the current page. In terms of...

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Web Site Refurbishment

So, around midnight last night I threw up a Maintenance Page on - If anyone was looking for a decent site on a budget then they were confronted with a page saying the site was having a touch of Cyber-Paint. I decided to radically change the...

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How To Create An Online MoodBoard

Creating a mood board is an inspirational process that allows you to gather some thoughts and ideas into one area to give some focus for your project or design. The idea is to collect photos and items that will keep you motivated and inspired to take your project from...

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Server-Side :: mysql_upgrade

We all are familiar with the control panel Plesk. It’s one of the commonly used web hosting control panels in the hosting industry. Plesk works on both Linux and Windows platforms. In this blog post we discuss about the steps to upgrade your MySQL version. Yeah, let’s...

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10 Basic Principles Of Visual Design

#1 Point, Line & Shape These are the most basic building blocks of any design, no mater what it is. With these you can create anything you want, from simple icons to very complex illustrations, everything is made with the combination of these simple elements. In...

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WordPress Updates

The majority of websites that I build are based on Wordpress - it is a very popular CMS (Content Management System) that you plonk on the server and style it to how you want it. According to a bit of research I have done this morning - WordPress Now Powers 26% of the...

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